Apr 24, 2018

The Most Exclusive Athletes at the Most Exclusive Boarding Schools in the U.S.

In the United States, there are about 26,407 public secondary schools (for 9th or 10th through 12th grade, typically ages 14 to 18).  Tuition is free, paid for by property taxes.

There are 10,693 private secondary schools, usually local (the students live at home), run by religious organizations.  Tuition is usually around $5000 per year.

And there are about 300 private boarding schools, where the students live full time.  Tuition, room, and board are pricy, running $40,000 per year or more, so these schools draw the children of the rich and powerful.

They are known for beautiful campuses, rich traditions, many educational opportunities (you can learn Hindi, publish your novel, or build your own robot), and wackos.

Seriously, nearly everyone I have ever met who went to a boarding school was crazy as a loon.

Here are the most exclusive athletes at the most exclusive boarding schools in the U.S. (many  athletes are under 18, so adults will have to wait a few years to ask them out).

1. Choate Rosemary Hall in Wallingford, Connecticut, known as the alma mater of President John F. Kennedy and gay playwright Edward Albee, and for the snub on Family Guy to the effect that Choate guys are up for anything.

These are two cross-country athletes, one with biceps.

2. Church Farm School in Exton, Pennsylvania.  Sounds like three random words put together, but it's actually an Episcopal school founded in 1918.  Boys only, 190 students.

I couldn't find any athletes, so here are some singers.

3. Deerfield Academy in Deerfield, Massachusetts, one of the oldest boarding schools in the U.S., founded in 1797.  One of its traditions is Choate Day, where Deerfield athletes compete against whoever Choate sends over.

4. Groton School in Groton, Massachusetts, another Episcopal school.  It's the alma mater of generations of Roosevelts, including the sons, grandsons, and great-grandsons of Franklin and Theodore.

Students apparently play shirtless on the grass.

5. I'm thinking that the Wolfpack is not the best name for the athletic teams at the Hyde School in Bath, Maine.  But this wrestler has a nice physique.

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Henry Willson: The Man Who Invented Beefcake

During the Cold War of the 1950s, the Clark Gable-Cary Grant- Fernando Lamas model of  masculinity, the suave, sophisticated bon-vivants who sipped champaign at El Crocadero, fell into disfavor.  Movies began to display a new model of "youthful masculinity" featuring regular guys, small-town boys who sipped sodas at maltshops.   They had to be wholesome -- God-fearing, mother-respecting, patriotic -- yet sexual, overbrimming with erotic energy, aware (without stating it) that sometimes things happened in bedrooms.

They had to be stunningly handsome, of course, and muscular -- for the first time ever in the movies, they would rip their shirts off regularly, providing a beefcake spectacle that might draw audiences away from the still-prudish tv.

Walt Disney and his minions scoured the countryside to provide a stable of Adventure Boys for the teen and preteen audience -- James McArthur, Roger Mobley, David Stollery,  Tommy Kirk, Tim Considine, and many others.

For adult beefcake, the go-to guy was talent agent extraordinaire Henry Willson.

 Born in 1911, Willson began his career as a talent scout for the Zeppo Marx Agency, where he signed on future film great Lana Turner.  In 1943, he became the head of the talent division for David O. Selznick's Vanguard Pictures.  He and his assistants prowled gyms, modeling agencies, athletic events, and community theaters looking for prospects. Muscle Beach was a good bet, training ground to dozens of bodybuilder hopefuls drawn in by Earle E. Liederman's chatty columns in Muscle Power.

Since he was gay, Willson tended sign up men who were gay, or bisexual, or at least "gay for pay."   He spruced them up, arranged for acting lessons and gym memberships, and gave them strong, macho, all-American names:

Orton Whipple Hungerford III = Ty Hardin
Robert Mosely = Guy Madison
Francis Durgan = Rory Calhoun
Merle Johnson = Troy Donahue
Roy Harold Scherer = Rock Hudson

They present a straight facade to the world, of course, so Willson conspired with movie magazines and gossip columnists to send them on dates with female stars or link them romantically with in-the-know starlets.  Sometimes he even arranged "Hollywood marriages."  It seems that the "hiding in plain sight" was part of their appeal, adding a salacious twinge, "is he or isn't he"?

In 1953, Willson opened his own agency.  He didn't need to seek out prospects anymore; he was receiving 9,000 letters per week from high school football players and small-town thesbians anxious to make it big.  And some did -- if they were willing to make it on the casting couch first, or at least flirt a bit.  Almost every Hollywood hunk of the new beefcake model got his start as a Willson boy:

Doug McClure
James Darren
Chad Everett
Dack Rambo (left)

John Saxon
Nick Adams
Clint Walker (left)
John Derek
James Gavin

Willson didn't care for bodybuilders, except for Cal Bolder -- they had to find their representation elsewhere. And a few other hunks managed to find work without him.  But even if they weren't discovered by Willson, they often realized that connections are everything, and gay, bi, or straight, they became regulars at his weekly pool parties:

Ed Fury
Farley Granger
Van Williams
Robert Stack

Roddy McDowall
Steve Reeves
Tony Curtis
Aldo Ray
John Bromfield
Gary Conway
Gary Lockwood
Richard Long
Robert Wagner (left)

Disaster hit in 1955, when Willson made a deal with Confidential magazine to keep the rumors off Rock Hudson in exchange for a story about Tab Hunter's arrest at a gay party in 1950 (the actor and agent had a falling out).  The deal fell through, and Willson was effectively outed.  His established clients left -- most denied that they had ever met him -- and it became difficult to sign new clients.

During the 1960s, the fresh-faced, wholesome look became  "square," replaced by shaggy and androgynous,  and Willson's career ended.  Destitute, drinking heavily, forgotten by his former friends, he moved into a rest home for indigent Hollywood stars, and he died of cirrhosis of the liver in 1978.

But he left an amazing legacy, a 1950s world where "gay" was always just beneath the surface.

Apr 23, 2018

10 Black Guys in Bondage

If you are attracted to black men and to men in bondage, why not combine the two?

It's not that easy.  There are very few gay black men into BDSM, and those few are usually tops.  After years of collecting, I have only about 100 photos and videos, and those are mostly movie caps.

Here are my favorite non-movie photos of black men in bondage.

1. Nice biceps and abs on display.

2. The cropping is a little off, but you can't complain about that sculpted physique.

3. Two guys together is always hotter than a guy alone.

4.  Where to classify him: black men, bondage, or men in suits?

5. The red shorts contrast beautifully with the gleaming abs.

More after the break.

6.  Arms behind the back, and a camouflage jockstrap.

7.  Not very muscular, but have you ever seen such long arms? 

8.  Mature men in bondage.

9. Massive chest.

10. Spreadeagle on the bed.

See also: 10 Black Guys in Bondage: The X-Rated Version


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